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Breaking the barriers to business growth

An immensely informative book with advice that, if applied, will change the performance of any business.” Richard Denny – author of Selling to Win

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Right Angle business development consultants provide strategic planning advice for every aspect of business growth, but we do it differently from anyone you’ve ever come across before.

We help you break down the barriers to business growth – by helping you to plan for and to generate high business growth. We also help you manage and cope with all the implications and effects of organisational growth.

Why are we different?

Because we are intelligent, experienced, flexible and fun.

Intelligent: we are all highly qualified, and understand how to meet new economic conditions with new, innovative responses

Experienced: we have worked in a vast range of business sectors, understand business from shop floor to boardroom, and we have all run our own businesses

Flexible: because we are all independent consultants, you can select exactly the right mix of expertise for you – we believe in individually tailored solutions, not one size fits all

Fun: for instance, launching in 2012,  an entirely new concept – a Business Theatre Workshop – with extensive networking opportunities, set in an Oxford college

What’s more, we provide you with expertise and critical know-how in each of the key functional areas of business management. This cohesive framework and integrated approach is exactly what you need to facilitate rapid growth.

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