Accessible and exciting interactive half-day training workshops on the business areas you need to grow your business fast, effectively and sustainably. Select the training focus you need immediately, or follow the whole course as a substantial 6 month mini MBA.


Investment for each training workshop: £127

Book all 20 together: £2,000

These training courses will be running on a rolling programme from February 2012. Please drop by again soon for the specific dates for each training session, or contact us for further details.

Training 1: Growth Seminar Day, delivered by Albert Wright & othersTraining 2: Business & Strategic Planning for Established Businesses, delivered by Paul Ovington & Rob WarlowTraining 3: Understanding Finance 1: Costing, Pricing, P&L, Cash Flow, delivered by Albert WrightTraining 4: Raising Finance Loans, delivered by Rob Warlow & Albert Wright

Training 5: Practical People Management 1: Recruiting & Managing, delivered by David Klaasen

Training 6: Selling Services without Selling, delivered by David Winch

Training 7: Practical Marketing, Branding & Business Development, delivered by Andrew Ludlam & Phil Strachan

Training 8: Selling Principles, Telesales, Preparation, Practice, delivered by Marie Rollaz

Training 9: Practical People Management 2: Appraisals, Training & Development, delivered by David Klaasen

Training 10: Business and Strategic Planning, delivered by Paul Ovington & Rob Warlow

Training 11: Understanding Finance 2: Budgeting & Management Accounting, delivered by Anthony Pilkington

Training 12: Websites, SEO and Social Media, delivered by Jonathan Fink & Mary Thomas

Training 13: e-Commerce and Selling On Line

Training 14: ICT Audit 1: Hardware & Cloud Computing, delivered by Mark Salisbury

Training 15: ICT Audit 2: Software, Advice, Training & Information, delivered by Mark Salisbury

Training 16: Communications 1: communicating with your customers, delivered by Sarah Williams

Training 17: Communications 2: communicating with your team, delivered by Sarah Williams

Training 18: Leadership & Personal Presence, delivered by Sarah McCloughry

Training 19: Networking On and Off Line, delivered by Cathy Dunbabin & Albert Wright

Training 20: Keeping Growth Going, delivered by Albert Wright, Paul Ovington & others

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