Right Angle Consultants is a team of independent business consultants with a vision – we want to make available to small and medium sized businesses the skill and expertise usually only available to large corporates.

Every Right Angle consultant has started and grown their own business, every Right Angle consultant is independent, every Right Angle consultant is outstanding in their field.

We work together, or individually, to address your business development needs in exactly the right way for you and where you are in terms of business growth.

Do you simply need a strategic overview? Then call our strategic planning consultant.

Would you like help with your online and offline marketing? Then contact our Marketing and Online Digital Marketing consultants and they will put together a bespoke programme tailored to your needs.

Whatever your business needs to grow, our specialist business advisers will be able to help:

Book now and start growing your business fast, affordably, manageably, in bite-sized chunks.

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