Financial Planning

Albert Wright

Albert now specialises in accelerating the profitable growth of businesses with 3 to 300 employees and sales of £300,000 to £30 million a year, making their owners happier and wealthier.

Through a focus on pulling together strategy, finance, operations, marketing and product / service development into a clear, concise and convincing business plan, he assists owners and managers to work together to implement the plan and rapidly achieve ambitious goals.

His personal specialism is in finance and marketing. With a wide network of associates in different business disciplines he can pull together tailor made teams for intensive and / or wide ranging support.

Albert is Managing Director of Small Business Solutions Ltd and Millionaire Coaching Academy. He has been working as a business mentor, coach, trainer, consultant and business adviser since 1991 and as an Interim Manager in the business and personal support sectors.

Prior to this he had a successful 20 year career with Marks and Spencer plc, mainly in Food Product Buying and Project Management.

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