Four straightforward steps to marketing success

The first thing in marketing is to listen – to listen to you, the client, so that we fully understand just what you are selling; to listen to your customers, so that we have a clear picture of just what it is they want to buy from you.

The second thing is to look – to look first of all at just what you, the client, want to achieve, through your business plan, and to ensure that what we do will meet your objectives; to look at the business context, and how best to act within it; to look at your competition and how to meet and beat them.

The third thing is to act – to create the marketing plan, and the specific marketing materials, which will represent your brand and reach your objectives in the most effective, and cost-effective, way.

The fourth and last thing is to measure – are the materials bringing in what they were designed to deliver, what should be modified, how, and where to now?

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Sarah Williams, BA (Hons), MPhil, MSA

Sarah is director of Wordsmith™ and has over 30 years’ experience in marketing. She started as a professional writer and university teacher before becoming a children’s book publisher. In 2003 she set up Wordsmith™, a marketing communications company.

Clients include HM Revenue & Customs, E.ON, Oxford University Public Services Programme, St Hilda’s College Oxford, The British Library, Sobell House Hospice.

Wordsmith’s success is based on listening, understanding, testing and measuring. Listening to their clients to pinpoint exactly what they are selling and to whom, listening to their clients’ customers to understand precisely what they want to buy and why, and, finally, connecting the two effectively for pleasure and profit.

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